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Knowing others is intelligence,

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength,

Mastering yourself is true power.

– Lao-Tzu                




Martial arts, philosophy and wisdom of the Eastern cultures have fascinated Europeans for a long time. Connecting achievements of civilisation with ancient East fundamentals, we create a better quality of our lives which harmonizes environment surrounding us and makes our existence more comfortable and meaningful. In other words, nowadays the world is lost in chaos: rush, illnesses, anger and other negative emotions, instead of being involved in more fruitful activities which might change our each weaknesses, addiction, and affliction into the state of a trim and strong body, clear and free consciousness.

You may ask why we named our studio WUDANG TAO? We are following the Dao path and this philosophy has been created in the Wudang Mountains, China. Dao concept is very wide and words would only express a small part of it. In any case, Dao is one of the most profound and significant philosophies in the world. Such systems of perfection of the body and mind, as kungfu, taichi quan, shinji, bagua chuan, have evolved from Dao.

 The goal of the WUDANG TAO studio is to gather people, who want to find a healthy and happy life, share their physical and spiritual experience, create and develop together. The main direction of our studio is the upholding of martial arts, but besides that we also pay attention to the other meaningful activities. First of all, it is – meditation. Without it, martial arts, our consciousness and our practice would become limited and later disharmonious. We hope that  our further activities – yoga, pilates, practising mudras and mantras, calligraphy lessons, Chinese traditional medicine and tea ceremony – would take place. The architect Algimantas Kančas helps to create ascetic, modern and spacious place with the Zen feeling in it.

WUDANG TAO studio is open to everybody and now there are three groups: for students, for adults and for advanced practitioners.

After lessons it is always pleasant to relax, share your thoughts at the cup of tea, and rejoice at achievements. Sometimes we organise film screening or simply grab a book from the mini library in the studio.

At present our team is not so big but eventually we believe it will be. We are devoted to Wudang taichi and kungfu, and people who constantly attend lessons, radiate positive energy, are attentive to each other. We could say – we are becoming like one big family. So, in other words, we would like to invite YOU to our cosy studio, share your ideas and thoughts, express yourself, develop new skills, and meet new friends!


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Wudang Tao Studio of the Oriental Cultures

P. Kalpoko St. 1 – 26

LT – 44146, Kaunas

Founder and Manager of Wudang Tao: Aidas Žilinskas Phone: +370 698 13255, email: aiwudang@gmail.com

PilatesTeacher: Vaiva Motiekaitytė Phone: +370 67310 933, email: vaivospilates@gmai.com